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Administrative Support

Investing or Moving to Portugal normally requires a high level of bureaucracy, dealing with Portuguese official institutions and complex and slow processes. We offer you a specialized team to take care of all this in your behalf.

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Our Administrative Support Services

Energy Certificate

Since 1 January 2009, it has become mandatory that the owners present the energy certificate of their property to potential buyers, renters or lessees.


The Energy Certificate is the document that assigns a performance label to housing and service buildings; it lists measures to improve the energy performance of these properties, boosting energy savings of 20% to 40% and consequent reductions in CO2 emissions. The energy label allows you to classify residential or service fractions, on an efficiency scale ranging from A + (high energy efficiency) to G (low efficiency), similar to that existing for some appliances and equipment, allowing for easy reading and interpretation by the consumer.

In this way, Parcialfinance Portugal established a protocol with an energy certification company in order to proceed with energy certification of our clients’ properties. To obtain the certificate, owners will have to pay a fee to ADENE (regulatory institution) of € 45,000 for residential buildings and € 250,000 for service buildings, in addition to the current VAT rate. In addition to these costs, the certification company’s fees are presented in detail.


Therefore, if you have fractions that were leased after January 1, 2009 and that do not have an energy certificate, you are subject to a fine between € 250 and € 3,740.98, so you need to apply for certification so that fractions comply with the law.


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Bank Advice

The real estate business is closely linked with banking institutions. For this reason, over the years the entire Parcialfinance group has developed partnerships with the most important Portuguese banking entities.

In this way, it is possible for us to advise you when hiring a home or personal loan, opening a bank account, or even searching for savings solutions that allow you to optimize your assets in Portugal.

It’s important to reinforce that through various partnerships with banks and Investment Fund Management Companies, we have managed to find a truly independent and personalized solution.

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Builders and Constructors Mediation

Ao termos como principal atividade a administração de propriedades por conta de outrem, fomos desenvolvendo ao longo dos anos parcerias com empresas nas mais variadas áreas da construção civil. Desta forma, caso necessite de efetuar melhoramentos ou inclusivamente obras de fundo em algum imóvel ou fração de que seja proprietário a Parcialfinance está disposta a assisti-lo na árdua, complicada e morosa tarefa de encontrar empreiteiros, solicitar orçamentos e acompanhar as obras.

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Being experts in property management we have been developing partnerships with companies in the most varied areas of civil construction over the years. Thus, if you need to make improvements or even major works on any property or fraction of which you own, Parcialfinance is willing to assist you in the arduous, complicated and time-consuming task of finding contractors, requesting quotes and monitoring the development of your project.

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