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Naming a Tax Representative in Portugal

What it is?

Naming a Tax Representative in Portugal is mandatory if you live out of the country or if you’re absent for more than 6 months and 1 day.

Having a tax representative has major benefits, however if you are an EU citizen you are not obliged to name one. This means that the obligation of fiscal representation in Portugal comes from the place you live and not from your nationality, so even if you are Portuguese and are living outside of the European Union you’ll have to name a fiscal representative. 

Fiscal Representative

Which are his main duties?

A tax representative has to be legally and fiscally responsible for the person that he’s representing. But what does that mean?

It means that your fiscal representative is obliged to:

Tax Representative

Main benefits of naming a tax representative?

Saving Time and Money

Having a tax representative in Portugal, grants you with a 100% guarantee of all your fiscal matters being communicated and dealt with.

This mean that you can relax while someone certified is ensuring that you won’t have any issues with Portuguese authorities.

It's Not an Option!

If you are not an EU citizen you are obliged to name a tax representative. If you fail to do this you’ll be fined from 150€ to 7.500€. Even if you’re living in the EU, there are major benefits in naming an expert dedicated to deal with your fiscal matters in a timely and efficient manner.

Avoid Infractions

Unfortunately, fiscal infractions are common among Portuguese and foreigners, mainly because it has a lot of tasks, deadlines and rules to follow. This means that in case of infraction you have to pay those fines and also the interests that eventually applies.
Be careful since not having your fiscal situation settled, stops you from having fiscal benefits, like Non-Habitual Residents (NHR).

Fiscal Representation

Join a meeting with our fiscal experts

What will you find?

In a first analysis meeting you’ll be questioned about your fiscal needs and how can we assist you settling or investing in Portugal.  

Obviously, those fiscal necessities will depend from case to case. For example, questions like what kind of investments are you planning to do in the country or if you already have your Portuguese fiscal number will be done by our tax expert in order to fully understand your fiscal needs.

Our Services

Non-Habitual Resident Tax

NHR Status

The non-habitual resident status (NHR) allows substantial tax savings for those who want to move to Portugal. If you qualify you’ll benefit for a 10-year period of really attractive tax benefits. 

To qualify for the NHR status you must have the right to reside in Portugal, either being a EU/EEA/Swiss citizen or by acquiring a Golden Visa.

Besides Fiscal Representation, Parcial Finance can assist you in the whole process of acquiring a NHR status or a Golden Visa. 

If you want to know if you qualify do a request here.


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Ebook - Fiscal Representation

We’ve prepared a must-have ebook for those who have income in Portugal. 

Download it now, 100% free.

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ParcialFinance Group

Who are we?

ParcialFinance Group

ParcialFinance Group is a Portuguese origin group of enterprises that are physically present in 5 countries: Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Portugal. When needed our resources also allows us to operate from distance and 100% online and that’s how we have clients in 32 different countries.

Aiming to give our clients a 360° solution, we specialized in Non-Resident Wealth Management. Having that in sight, we offer under one interlocutor solutions in Real Estate, Credit and Insurance Mediation, Real Estate Management, Fiscal Support and Financial Products. This is a real turn-out key solution that grants you time, avoids wasted time and money and ultimately guarantees optimization of all your assets in Portugal.

Our team is composed by consultants, marketers, and bureaucracy experts of different fields of expertise like real estate, tax, credit and insurance prepared to attend the needs that you may have.  In order for the whole process to be ensured, we are assisted by legal professionals who thus guaranteed the Parcial Finance client a complete solution.